GL-AR300M16-Ext IP-Change and huawei E3372


i have a GL-AR300M16-Ext and want to change my IP-Subnet because i bought a Huawei E3372h-153. The Webinterface is not accepting my Change and reboot always to the default IP ( I updated previous to the actual Version and thought there are some bugs fixed. I tried diferent IPs (192.168.200.x and 192.168.9.x) and without any success. I thought by Lucy are more settings to change but i havent seen anything there. It always reboot with the start-IP :frowning:
Can someone help me?

How did you set the new IP subnet?
Did you press Apply afterwards?

I made a Video for you to show you that i configured it correctly. Andy yes i pressed apply (see video :wink:

Mhm it dosnt play here :frowning:

then it shows this way (default)

Problem of IP changing was solved by downgrading to 3.216 as stated in PM.