GL-AR300M16-Ext issue NordVPN

Hi I bought GL-AR300M16-Ext from Amazon.
My internet provider is Optimum and the speed is 100Mega Bit per second I got that speed when I connect directly to Optimum and then use NordVPN.

However, when I configure the router as repeater connect to the internet via Wi-Fi and then set up NordVPN client usind UDP. The same server gets me down to about 7 mega bits per second.

My use case is I need to use this config and NOT using physical cable.

Thanks for the help.

Can you test the speed of the repeater without turning on NordVPn?

It could be the wireless speed limit.

The speed without NordVPN is when using as a repeater.

26.5 Mbps download
26.4 Mbps upload

However, with NordVPN OpenVPN client using TCP protocol with servers in USA San Francisco. The speed is down to

5.81 Mbps download
2.10 Mbps upload