GL-AR300M16-Ext WAN Priority

I have set up both a working WAN connection using WIFI/Repeater as well as Ethernet/Cable. Which one of the two has priority for Internet access of a device connected e.g. to LAN? Is the prioriity configurable?
On a GL-A1300 in the Network/Multiple WAN section this is configurable even to the extent of failover between the two.

You can edit the /etc/config/mwan3 by logging in via SSH, or install the luci-app_mwan3 package that adds the function LuCI → Network → Load Balancing. The default priority order should be WAN, then WWAN, then Tethering, then Modem:

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Thank you or the quick response. I have decided now to use the GL-AR300M16-Ext only as an access to 2,4GHz WLAN using the external antenna connectors with an external antenna on the roof of my mobile home. The failover/prioritization I will do on my GL-A1300 which will also be used to span internal WLAN in my mobile home. I’ll describe the solution there.