GL-AR300M16 - Managed Switch Mode

Hi all!

I have a GL-AR300M16 and the idea is cofigure it with several interfaces in the same LAN (like a switch), but I need to manage the device too by VPN connection, is it possible?


Given that it has only had two ports, how would you use it as a switch with more than two ports?

Perhaps explaining your use case better would help.

(The GL-AR300M-series devices do support VLANs, though that would require either clients that are VLAN-aware, or an external, managed switch.)

Hello jeffsf,

Thanks for your reply.

We need o use the device like a conventional switch but instead we need remaining the management access to it too. Is possible make some config that permits use both ports like a switch but in one of then cofigure a managemen IP in order to access remotely to the device?

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Do you mean a “switch” where it performs Layer 2 (“Ethernet”) switching, or a “router”, where it performs Layer 3 (“TCP/IP”) routing and perhaps NAT?

Stand-alone “switches” generally have 8 to 48 ports or more per unit.


Yes, switch => layer 2 and router => layer 3 + NAT.

We need to configure GL-AR300M16 like a layer 2 switch and at the same time keep the possibility of remote access to the device. Is it possible?


From my understanding it is difficult to do.

Bridge means that it is transparent.

Using VPN means that it is a firewall.

So basically they are different scenario. But when using as bridge, it does connect to vpn itself. You may need to use it as a vpn proxy. BUT, I don’t have ready settings for you.

This kind of access to an otherwise transparent device is sometimes done with a dedicated, physical port (which isn’t very practical with a two-port device) or with a management VLAN.