GL-AR300M16 Set Up - Can't Log In

I’ve bought this one and was plugging in my ethernet cables, putting in the IP and get displayed a page which wants an admin password ONLY. That’s the only thing that pops up. No set up or anything.

I’ve done several resets of all kinds (10 secs, 15 secs, 30 secs), but nothing changes. I have only this one field for an admin password and all the default passwords do not work.

“Forgot my password” is not doing anything… so yes. I got no idea how to go on from here.

There is no way to set up the router right now.

Please help!

Is it all white and a picture of the device, It is still booting up have only the WAN plugged in. Wait 2-3mins and try again to login. The first setup should be a green screen with a picture of device asking to choose language then setup passwords.

I have also had good success using the GL.iNet app for the first setup when the page would not load because of a cache issue on my computer.

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You can try installing the latest firmware using Uboot.

before I start playing around with an app…

as far as I understand the app will not help me anyhow, since I’d need to be able to connect to it via wifi first, and that’s not working.

hey, for that I seem to need access to the admin panel, which I do not have…

so yeah…

but thanks for the reply

Access to the admin panel is not required to use Uboot. It takes you to the Uboot Web UI without the need to log in.
Please see this documentation: Debrick via Uboot - GL.iNet Docs

oooh okay I did everything as described in this manual, but the intended uboot page I can not connect to.
So I was not able to try anything out.
I had only an ethernet cable between pc and router, did the reset, changed the IP in the network settings of the lan connection to this static IP etc but I was not able to connect, no matter what browser…

Any idea?

If you dont uboot correctly it will not work

First thing unplug all Ethernet ports and unplug router from wall socket(don’t pull power cord out of router.)
Set you computer to static IP address of 192.168.1.x (x can be anything but 0,1, and less then 254.)
Plug you computers Ethernet cable into the powered off router LAN or WAN.
Hold the reset button and plug into wall. LED should flash 5 time
log into upload the correct uboot file.



I’ve plugged off all ethernet cables.
To power off I need to unplug the power cable (usb).
Done the IP.
Ethernet of pc into router.
Then starting to press the reset button.
Plugging in the ethernet of the LAN into router.
Plugging in power cable.
Letting go of the reset button (approx 10 secs after pressing)
All LEDs except wifi are green all the time… no flashing happened
I try to access the page and it can’t find the page… (no connection)

approach 2:

router on power all the time
all ethernet cables out
changing IP to static on pc
then holding reset button
plugging in ethernet cable of pc into router
letting go of reset button while it flashes slowly
flashing becomes crazy and fast
trying to access router does not work

putting in the ethernet of the LAN
flashing 6 times slowly
then flashing in fast doubles
can’t access router still

still never managed to get to the uboot
admin log in panel still shows the password only page

vidoe of uboot process and light flashes. Just want to point out some key things. Hold the reset button before plugging power and continue to hold for the whole process.

It can take some time to start uboot.

If that doesn’t work I would ask yuxin.zuo if it is able to be replaced, you may have just gotten a bad one

Do you think it is a problem of Browser? Pls enable Javascript etc to make sure it works.

Also can you give me a screenshot of the page. Just double confirm everything is clear.

You can also try ssh to the router to see if it needs password.

ssh root@ 

thanks, yes that is exactly how I did it.

I also got the feel the router is broken…

thanks guys.