GL-AR300M16 v3.216 cascade wireguard clients connection not working

Hey guys.

Not sure if is something on my end, but using a wireguard client on my computer or my phone + wireguard client on the router, I just lose my internet connection. I can’t ping, dig, or access anything.

I tried with different protocols, like openvpn and IKEv2 and it’s everything works great.

A small illustration, not sure what information I can give more (they are all clients to a vpn provider):

Screenshot 2023-04-20 at 13.39.09

I tested the third topology with surfshark and it works. GL with a server conf, phone with another server conf.
Your not working scenario may be caused by wireguard server side. If servers are on different sites/network it will work.

I’m also using surfshark, and it’s working on my phone. Yesterday when I tested, maybe was some problem with the second (phone) VPN endpoint.

It’s not working only on my MacOS, so it’s definitely something with my computer.

I’m trying to understand what can be, but no success until now :frowning:

Thank you for the testing on your end

the funniest part is that only fails with surfshark on pc and surfshark on router. I can ping and dig but can’t access any page. Using client proton vpn on pc and surfshark on router and everithing is working.

So I guess you can try tweaking MacOS wireguard client conf, for instance, MTU.