gl-ar750-3.009-1129.bin is out

See the follow bugs:

The other known bugs i didnt tested again.

Both 2.4ghz and 5ghz are perfect. 300/450Mbps connection is normal. Using 2x2 AC8265 and AC9260 are perfect.
However, after the OpenVpn and WireGuard settings, the WAN port cannot be connected properly.
But after the Reset is reconfigured, both VPNs are perfect.

gl-ar750-3.0-1011_clean.bin from GL.iNet download center just BRICK my box. No sign of alive. Only power LED is on. Press reset for 10 seconds can reset the device, but noting more.

How can I unbrick AR750? Is there a way to hack into ROM to load new firmware?


Can you connect using a cable? The clean firmware may not have wifi on.

If you can connect to AR750 using cable then you can ssh to it and do settings, including installing software. I am not sure if luci is installed. If there is luci, you can just flash the stock firmware using luci. Otherwise you need to use uboot.

No I can’t connect by USB cable, there is no COM port enumerated. When I used 2.272, I could connect.

I think Alzhao meant ethernet cable not USB cable!

gl-ar750-3.009-1206.bin is out


  • Any idea where is place for switch on/off the “WLAN coecistence” on gl-ar750-3.x firmware ?
  • Switching off “WLAN cocistence” doubled the real life WLAN speed on gl-ar75-2.x firmware from little bit lower than 150 MBit to exact 300 MBit on 2.4 GHz.
  • It can be that will fix the the to 150 MBit limited speed problem on real envirement.

That setting should only be used for debug as it violate FCC/CE regulations.

It should be able to set up in uci directly.

option noscan 1