GL-AR750 and QoS with LuCI OpenWRT 18.06

I’m afraid I made a huge mistake.

Recently, I upgraded my GL-AR750, from LuCI LEDE 17.01, to OpenWRT 18.06

I do like the OpenWRT GUI, and I belie I understand this interface much better.

But please note that I am a beginner in everything related to openwrt, Linux, etc…

Anyway, I had managed to configure the QoS that suited me in the LEDE GL-AR750; in order to make some devices priority to others, but without using band limitation.

After de upgrade, I’m no more one LEDE, and I don’t find any QoS configuration, except de one in the “client” page (

But this one only provides band limitation.

And I don’t want to limit any device bandwidth, if there is no other (priority) device using bandwidth.

I don’t know coming back to LEDE.

I read about it, and it scared me.

And I don’t want to change, cause I like that OpenWRT.

But I need a good QoS service. Too many devices are connected on my DSL connection, and some use all the bandwidth while I would like to have 75% on the main computer.

I did find luci-app-qos, or others qos applications (?), but event with a tutorial, I’m not sure how to make it work, or what it will provide.

I connected to the GL-AR750 with WinSCP for the first time only 24 hours ago.

For example, I don’t understand what’s called "enabling the qos init script" and the rest here: [OpenWrt Wiki] docs:guide-user:network:traffic-shaping:qos-tomerge

So… do you think someone can help me get a QoS configuration interface such as LuCI LEDE

Please ?

In the meantime, I’ll try… whatever I can find.

Hopping it won’t brick my router.

But that wouldn’t be the worst thing.

Thank you.

When you upgrade, you typically need to reinstall any packages you’ve installed that aren’t part of the ROM.

Do you have luci-app-qos and qos-scripts showing in your list of installed packages? If not, installing the first (the GUI components) should bring in the rest.

The link you provided also indicates that

NOTE: luci-app-qos won’t start until you enable the qos Initscript within the System–>Startup tab as well as enable qos under Network–>QoS

so checking that they are enabled would be worthwhile as well.

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Hello jeffsf,

Thank you very much for your answer.

I didn’t know anything about this package thing after an upgrade.

However, I already tried to install "luci-app-qos" last night.

After searching for it in the available package, in the "software" page, the "install" button next to the package name seemed to do nothing.

I then discovered and tested this night, at 2 am (Paris time) "download and install package" and put the names that luci-app-qos and press "ok".

And it worked!!!

In the MENU NETWORK, I now have the QoS section.

And it’s the same page I had before (upgrade)

After reading you, I checked : I do have qos-scripts, and it’s fine.

But as you write, it was probably the installation of the first one that set up the second one.

I checked in the LuCI interface, Startup section: I have the "qos" element (I think that’s it).

And I understood what the part with the network means: of course, you have to activate the QoS in the Qos page.

Now, the question is whether I will have a conflict of different QoS packages, and whether I should disable a package.

Maybe the "glqos" version 3.0.15-1?

Well, it’s 3:44 a.m., have to go to bed.

Thank you very much jeffsf

The problem is solved, since I have access to the QoS configuration I know.
I have more questions, but I’m going to open a new post.