GL-AR750 Fail over Question

Hi all, i wanted to check to see if the config that i would like to run is possible. I want to connect the WAN port to my current internet provider and then use the AR750 as a backup in case the ISP on the WAN side either goes down or is not for some reason available. Is that doable out of the box?

Thanks for the info in advance. Al

You can plug a modem as backup. The router supports failover by default.

Thanks but now am confused as i thought that the GL-AR750 was a cellular modem?

Thanks, that is always a possibility, but i was just quoting out of your own documentation:


So was just trying to confirm if i can use a ATT or a T-Mobile SIM in this device. If this is not the case than thats OK, I will save my money and look for another product.

The Spitz is the gl-x750, not the ar750.