GL-AR750, glqos and luci-app-qos


The new version 3.010 of the GL-AR750 frimware with OpenWRT 18.06.1 and LuCI, seems to integrate a QoS package, allowing bandwidth restriction per device.

I am in the opinion that it is “gl-qos”; for which I find very little information.

I also think that the initialization script is “glqos”.

To get back the QoS settings on the router present before the upgrade, I installed the luci-app-qos package. Successfully, thanks to the help of this forum.

Now, I’m wondering, and I’m asking you if you don’t mind, if there’s a risk of conflict between luci-app-qos and gl-qos, and if so, if I have to disable the latter at startup, or even uninstall it, if I want to use luci-app-qos.

Note that I can still access the QoS settings in the "Client" page (…/html/#/clients) that I think is linked to the GLiNet QoS application, while glqos is disabled in the startup page. (…/cgi-bin/luci/admin/system/startup)

Which still makes me doubt my hypothesis.

In a few weeks, I will be testing SQM QoS.
I would then deactivate luci-app-qos.

Until then, what do you recommend?

Thank you in advance.

glqos will the uci configuration file and set it to firewall via iptables. If you want to use luci-app-qos instead of gl-qos, I recommend you disable glqos and uninstall it.

# /etc/init.d/glqos stop
# opkg remove gl-qos

btw, I think SQM is better than Qos.

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:+1: on using “CAKE” (or better) SQM over QoS for most users. Unless you’ve got some very latency-sensitive applications (like online gaming), it “just works” for most situations, including VOIP.

If you find that you’ve got time on your hands to tweak things and believe that your competitive gaming justifies it, there is a recent discussion on using “Layer Cake” SQM with differentiated-services marks on the OpenWrt board. While it is all within my technical abilities, I haven’t found myself needing more than just CAKE SQM and its simple configuration.

I did all this. With the WinSCP terminal.
Thank you, @kyson-lok
For the rest, i’ll reply below :slight_smile:

Both @kyson-lok and @jeffsf slight_smile:

I installed SQM yesterday. Or the day before? (not sure anymore)

I am also beginning to think that SQM will be more effective.
A lot of good has been said about it for what I have seen.
Et je vais probablement commencer par ce “CAKE”.
However, for the moment, I want to privilege the data distribution for one device, my desktop PC, among all the network.

Whathever, i’ll be on the road for a few days.
See you later. And thank you for the help.

is there enough space to install sqm and cake onto the mt300v2 with firmware 3?

Do I have to remove glqos if I want to use/install SQM cake?

is the qos option in clients working?coz itry to limit other device but the speed appeard much to the value that i put.,.,sorry for bad english

my version fw
is 3.017

Firmware too old. Pls upgrade. It works.

its working now i use it via cable.,.,not working on repeater mode

QoS should not relate to cable or repeater, because it is working on the LAN side.