GL-AR750 - How to find the Wireless MAC address?

Hello, I just bought GL-AR750.

I am trying to use the WISP mode connecting to my wireless router at home. My home router is configured to allow only those devices whose MAC address is known to my router. I set this up for advanced security.

So, for GL-AR750 to connect to my router wirelessly, I need to enter the wireless MAC address of GL-AR750 to my router.

So, how do I find the wireless MAC of GL-AR750?

By the way I was able to find the wired MAC of GL-AR750 using the MAC address clone screen.

But how do I find the wireless MAC address of GL-AR750?


If you use WISP, you need to determine if you use 5G or 2.4G to connect. They have different MAC.

You can find in advanced settings (luci) → Network → wireless or system → status

alzhao, this is great. I can add both MACs on my router’s list so, I believe it won’t matter if it is 5G or 2.4G.

Really appreciate your very fast response and support.
I will test it out tomorrow and will report back if I was able to connect to the router.
Thank you.

Hi alzhao:

I tried your suggestion and I was able to find the MAC address under Advanced Settings->Network->Interfaces.
Interestingly I could find only two MAC addresses (I was expecting to find 3, one for wired and two for 5G and 2.4G).

I was able to add the two MAC addresses to my router and I was able to connect wirelessly. However the connection drops immediately. All I could do was to load one single webpage and then the connection is gone.

I can reconnect by clicking on “Saved Stations” and connecting to my home wireless network. Even though I selected the auto-connect (Auto Rescan and Reconnect) checkbox, the auto reconnect never happens.

The screen shot where I found the MAC addresses is attached.

Any suggestion on what I may be doing wrong?

Hi alzhao:
The WIFI connection issue between GL-AR750 and my home router is resolved.
Previously, I have turned OFF the Wireless radio which I believe was the reason for the issue. When I turned ON the wireless radio, the connection is going through continuously.

Now, the reason I turned OFF the wireless radio was because, I connected my computer to GL-AR750 using a cable and not through WIFI. Also, I wanted to prevent any other wireless devices connecting to GL-AR750 using WIFI. This was done so to make my private network really secure.

Now, as I have to keep the wireless radio ON, to enable a WISP connection to an external WIFI network, can I restrict the wireless devices that can connect to GL-AR750 based on their MAC address?

If this is possible, can you help me where I can enter the MAC addresses in GL-AR750 for the devices which are allowed to connect to GL-AR750’s WIFI network?

Thanks for your continued support.

You can refer to this post: LEDE/OpenWRT — Restricting Network Access Based on MAC | by CT WiFi | LEDE/OpenWrt & IoT | Medium

and this OpenWRT: Create a WiFi MAC Whitelist or Blacklist
This can only be done by editing the file directly.

option macfilter 'deny'
option maclist 'xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx yy:yy:yy:yy:yy:yy'

Thanks again alzhao, Please see the picture below on advanced settings. Is this the same as editing the file directly?

Yes. Please have a try.