GL-AR750 joining/repeating a DFS network

I see where this question has been asked before but I didn’t see a final solution. I upgraded my router to the latest firmware but now have lost the ability to join an open DFS “Guest” network. Is there anyway to do this with the current firmware or do I need to go back to V2.272. The network is in a nursing home so I cannot get inside to play around with the settings. I basically get a nurse to carry it in and I play with the settings from the window. I just don;t know how to go back to 2.272 I can’t find that download anywhere. Thanks

There is 2.273 from GL.iNet download center

DFS support is removed for purpose. When you use DFS, your AP needs a long time (1 minute) to be active. If you do want to use DFS, pls check the following guide.

How to connect to a DFS network (1).zip (69.8 KB)

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