DFS Workaround on 4.3.x

I have been finally updating my travel routers (slate and beryl) from 3.7 to latest stable 4.x, however the workaround to get DFS repeater connections seem to no longer be working on the new firmware (GL-AR750 joining/repeating a DFS network - #2 by alzhao). I require connecting to these channels as I use these routers 99% of the time abroad. Is there a new workaround to get these channels working as a repeater connection? An example error log when trying to manually connect is: “Thu Dec 21 13:48:06 2023 daemon.err lua: (…07/ipkg-mips_24kc/gl-sdk4-repeater/usr/sbin/repeater:689) skip bss with dfs channel:…” Thanks!

That post is 3 years old.

Are you using Slate Plus (A1300) and Beryl (MT1300)?

I have a MT1300 (Beryl) and AR750S.

For AR750s, the gudie should still work.

You should disable the repeater manager

/etc/init.d/repeater stop
/etc/init.d/repeater disable 

For MT1300, the guide does not work.

You just need to select a country that allows DFS. India is one of them.

I have beryl mt3000 and it connects to my wifi router as repeater but gets diconnected constantly ,if connect automatic then it stays ok but is there a work around for dfs router wifi as repeater