GL-AR750 kicks my device out


I’ve noticed this happening more than in a few occasions.
Even recently today as my phone was connected to the router I lost WiFi signal a few times, like the router kicked my device out.

With my laptop i didn’t seem to have this issue so far.

Is there a way i can find out what’s causing this problem?

If i send you some router logs do you think you could help me find out a possible cause?

Also, the GL.iNet router is powered from a USB 2.0 port from another router. Could this not be enough power for it?

EDIT: After writing this thread it only took minutes to be disconnected again.

I can gladly share everything I know to find a solution for this if anyone is willing to help.

Thank you!

First thing I would try is running off an independent 5V/2A power supply to ensure that you know its getting enough juice… :wink:

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