GL AR750 no SSH, no Web

my GL AR 750 Creta , Firmware 3.211

is not reachable per SSH and Web

Luci is not installable “not installed”

PlugIns were not updated

I am connected via WLAN to the creta and use the Browser of my Android tablet Samsung ST825

From my samsung S20 I can establish an Connection but in the Browser I see under nothing.

I need your help


You should try re-flashing the software.

Follow this guide and you should be good, you’ll need a windows/mac system though.

On your Samsung S20, when you go to Settings → Connections → Wi-Fi, what is the SSID of the GL-AR750 Creta? Try clicking on the SSID settings “gear symbol” , then clicking on “Manage router” if it exists. That should open the browser at the IP address of the Creta.

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

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You should first check if your phone get 192.168.8.x IP.

yes my phones get an 192.168.8.x IP.

how can I reset complrtly the AR750, so that the initial Wlan-password is goodlife again?

Hold the reset button for 10 seconds, until the led flashes 4 times per second and release your finger.

When using your browser, make sure you use http, not https. Some browser automatically change to https

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I have 3 Cretas

all 3 were down after updating Firmware to 3.211

Nr. 1 is online in s2s too and works as Wireguard-Server

but something ist strong:

In my home-net 92.168.9.x I can reach the admin panel

a) with my Samsung S2 via Wlan :slight_smile:
b) not with Samsung ST8250 in the same WLAN :frowning:
c) not per SSH (putty) in the same LAN :frowning:
d) not per Browser Edge or Chrome in Windows PC in the same LAN :frowning:

what can I do?

Can you tell me how do you connect AR750 to the Internet?

There is no way that all 3 are down after upgrade, unless you connected in the wrong way.

AR750 #1 had to be resettet after several trials

As i wrote hi works fine;

The “only” problem is, that he ist not administrable per Web-Browser or SSH.
Hi is connected via WAN Port to my Fritzbox6591. He has get via DHCP the IPs and .217 (WLAN)
I know, that 192.168.9.x is the Standard Guest-Net of the AR750. But I can’t change my LAN adress.
In the AR750 Guest-Net ist set to 192.168.117.x

ok I have done this with my AR-750 Number 2:

I see him on the Smarthone as WLAN GL-AR750-110-5G und get the IP . But in the Browser I cannot reach him under



I reach him under on my Tablet .
The admin-password is the old !
I connect him via WAN-port to my Fritzbox
sucessful hi gets the lokap IP
Under "Aktualisierung I see “aktuelle Version 3.211” and
“letzte Aktualisierung unavailable”

here in the Fritzbox AR-750 is seen under, but the WebInterface doesn’t respond.

update 2:

now are both AR-750 #1 and #2 seen in Fritzbox, but no WebInterface

this is a look to GL-Cloud:

as you see was #2 yesterday for a short time online in Cloud

and here I have the SystemStatus of #2:

So I can reach AR-750 via Luci only on the Tablet Samsung 825, not in Samsung S20, not on PC-Webbrowser (Fritzbox)

Maybe you should check your phone. Make sure it does not goes to https.

the phone doesnt work in https

is the firmware ok?

and there is another fact and explanation:

the connections above is only possible on both phones,
if wireguard client is running with wireguard server on AR750 #1 with ip


is the firmware version ok?

The firmware version is OK.

Really lost about your questions though.