GL-AR750 problems seeing 5Ghz SSID's

Just purchased a GL-AR750 today and applied the latest firmware (2.27). Trying to get familiar with the different modes. Having a problem seeing any 5Ghz based SSID’s. I have done a factory reset several times of the AR750 to no avail. I even did a reset of the AP that I am using.

My laptop has no problems with seeing the same 5Ghz based SSID’s. Is there a change that I need to make to the AR750 or is this a known issue


Do you mean there is a specific SSID cannot be found or there is no 5G SSID found at all?

Which device is having problems (seeing the 5GHz SSID)?

Also having this problem. 5GHz wifi connections show in list, but SSID is blank. When you have 8 of them showing up as blank, you can’t tell who you’re connecting to.

Because these SSIDs are hidden and cannot be seen.

No, that wasnt the case. My laptop was able to see the SSID’s when the AR750 wouldnt show them. I have been able to reproduce the problem. Starting to looking like a firmware issue in the AR750

Do you mean your laptop can see all the 8 SSIDs while AR750 can see none?

If you have ever connected to a hidden SSID, your pc can see it.

If this is not the case, it is very strange. Maybe you can check what is the channel of the 5G wifi.

I had the same problem after upgrading the firmware to v 2.27. The router would no longer would broadcast an SID at 5G. Look for an older post. I think we are out of luck until a new firmware is posted with the fix.

Please revert the firmware to factory status (clean all settings) and start again. Seems the new firmware had a problem when booting the first time.