GL-AR750- repeat SSID with WireGuard VPN for AppleTV

I currently have a TP-Link router on IP with SSID2g (a 2.4GHz Wifi network), whilst SSID5g is the 5GHz version I don’t often use.

The AppleTV I want to use Hulu and Netflix with my VPN (Surfshark) to access USA content. Without native support or working SmartDNS, I have to use the GL-AR750.

I have numerous smart home devices and the Apple Home ecosystem requires I’m on the same Wifi network as other smart home devices (ie changing to might cause issues)

Please can someone help me access VPN with my AppleTV?

So you’re looking to

  1. set your Certa as a Wi-Fi Extender (GL GUI → Network → Network Mode*) with hopes of ‘extending’ the same SSID as your Main Router (TP-Link).
  2. force all traffic flowing fr the Apple TV through the Certa’s Surfshark VPN connection.

I’m not sure how well that’d play out given the goal of keeping all Apple devices communicating to one another as the moment you engage the VPN, the Certa is going to get a IP from Surfshark that may well conflict against the other Apple devices.

… if I’m understanding things correctly, of course.

* Assumes firmware 4.x (GL GUI → System → Upgrade)

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Okay, I see you saw my response; thanks. So for the first requirement in the aforementioned, see:

When you confirm all is as it should be with the SSIDs, we can get into what’s required to isolate AppleTV’s traffic to Hulu, Netflix out over the Certa’s WG Client connection.

Thank you for your proactive persistence!

I have the SSIDs up and running,
From the TP-Link router - wifi-C2E950 IP
From glinet wifi-C2E950 IP

I’ve got the subnet mask as

The DHCP is on the TP-link router. There’s issues when other devices get the glinet wifi network because it expects a environment.

Anyhow, just tell me what to do :slight_smile: And thanks bring.fringe18

Well if you’re set w/ the SSIDs, then the next part is a two parter:

  1. Download the WireGuard configuration file (.conf) & upload it to the Certa
    • GL GUI → VPN → WireGuard Client → < create new group via ‘+ New Group’ > → Upload Configuration
    • Connect & confirm the WG is tunnelling via IP Leak which should show your VPN server’s IP.
  2. Add a list of web site domain names so that when your connected devices (eg: Apple TV) wants to hit them, they use the WG tunnel as a proxy (aka Proxy Mode).
    • VPN Dashboard → VPN Client → Global Proxy → VPN Policy Base On The Target Domain Or IP → [ add said domain names ]

To test it, add to that list, save, disconnect, reconnect WG Client & visit ; it should show your VPN IP while IP Leak should show your Public Internet//upstream TP Link’s WAN IP.

Here’s an old list I had kicking around for Netflix. Things may have changed since late last year. I don’t have anything for Hulu. You’re on your own there.
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I’m still trying to get it to work.
I think I’ll have to take the ethernet cable out of AppleTV (which affects Home performance)

(1) Is there no way to use ethernet between my TPlink router and GL-AR750 AND use VPN also? Because that config was working other than the VPN

(2) Finally- keeping in mind TPlink is on 192.168.1.x and GL 192.168.8.x, how does this popup apply?

Accessing Your Router
After bridging is successful, if you need to access the UI of this router, you must manually configure your PC/mobile phone to a static IP address in the same range as the router. If you still cannot access it, you can restore the routing mode by holding down the reset button for 4 seconds.

It popped up after I put the network device in repeater mode- how would i access the GL-AR750 again? I manually put for and other combinations and just couldn’t get anything to work

Humm… you’d have to set a device like your computer to a Manual assignment of IP, subnet & gateway anytime you wanted to make changes to the Certa/access its GUI.

Apologies; it’s been a very long time since I bridged anything… & it wasn’t w/ GL devices.