GL-AR750 Root Password wont accept change

I have a GL-AR750. I want to change the admin password. I go to advanced and enter root and current password.

I go to System Administration. I choose Router Password. I type it twice exactly the same. I have tried special characters and no special characters. I even tried the same password that it is now.

it says Unknown Error, password not changed!

I cant change the password.

Forgot to mention I am using firmware 3.104

If you want to change password, do not go to advanced (luci), just change in our default firmware.

I have changed it in the default password. I rebooted the router.
Now I have a different password for the router login and different for the luci. I want them to both be the same.

If you change password in the default UI, both luci and the UI should have the same password.

I just tried AR750 3.105 and verified this. I do not have 3.104 now.