GL-AR750 S as 2nd Router with active VPN

I would like to set up my AR750 S to connect to my MOFI 4500 cellular router using ethernet cables. I read about LAN to WAN and LAN to LAN. I tried LAN to LAN but the AR750 doesn’t see an internet connection when I do this. I started to try LAN to WAN but could not see how to manually change the WAN address on the 750.

I tried turning on Access Point but then VPN options aren’t available.

What I would Like to achieve is:

  1. Most of the time have my Mac Mini Connect through Ethernet to the MOFI so my mini’s SMB can connect to my Apple TV
  2. But when I need VPN connect to the 750 using WIFI and VPN running full time
  3. Other Tablets and Computers could also connect to the 750 using wifi if requiring VPN and directly to the MOFI when wanting higher internet speed.

By the way I run my Mac Mini headless, and unfortunately VPN’s can not be turned on on either the Mini or my iPad when controlling the Mini from my iPad. Otherwise I would just activate VPN’s on the individual devices.

Any help would be appreciated.

In your case, you need to use vpn policy.

First, you need to connect AR750 WAN port to your MOFI LAN and use it as common router. Setup vpn on it.

Then, you should add in the vpn policy, do not use VPN when connecting to your Apple TV.

Your mac mini will still behind NAT of AR750 so I am not sure if SMB works. But you can try.