GL-AR750 slow speed with ethernet and wifi

ISP Router — (cable) 260mbps — GL-AR750 — (cable) 80 mbps —
ISP Router — (cable) 260mbps — GL-AR750 — (wifi 5g) 80 mbps —

Diagnostic with my MacBook:
ISP Router — (cable) 260mbps — MacBook

  • network mode: router
  • no VPN
  • no real-time traffic statistic
  • firmware version 3.212

I am using another router on the same level in the network es GL: Eero from Amazon, and it does not have that issue with the speed.
ISP Router — (cable) 260mbps — Eero Router — (wifi 5g) 260 mbps —

I was misguided by the description on The WLAN port enables a maximum of 100 Mbps. The better version with S at the name should be able to go up to 1000 mbps: Gl-AR750S
The description has been fixed. Otherwise quite good product.

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