GL-AR750 USB Tether slow

I am tethering to a MiFi 8000 from my GL-AR750. It connects right away but is slow on the internet (10 Mbps down). I can get 60-70 Mbps down when connecting to the MiFi over wifi directly. Why would the USB connection be so slow?

USB tethering on the router is slow.

@alzhao Are you saying that this is a known issue? Is there any fix?

Max tethering speed is like 30mbps. But it really depends on phone. I think the driver is not so great.

I tether my iPhone XS and iPad Pro to the AR750 and get over 30mps without any issues. Never tried using WIFI.

I’m experiencing the same problem with wired lan connection. With my phone connected to my Android 5g phone via USB cable, if I connect Via lan cable to my router or dirct via LAN cable to the 750, I get 26 Mbps throughput. If I connect to the 750 wirelessly I get 66 Mbps. In both instances I get 66 Mbps by my phone. I don’t understand why a wired connection is so slow, and a wireless connection has no degredation of speed. I would expect the opposite!