GL-AR750 usb tethered to Verizon Jetpack MiFi 8800L

I would like to get some help connecting my Verizon Jetpack MiFi 8800L to GL-AR750 by usb.
When I plug them in the jetpack asks me how I want the usb set up. So I enable internet over usb.
But when I plug my computer into the Ethernet jack I cant access the internet.
Is there something I need to do with the ip addresses or DHCP or subnet?
The jetpack is at and the GL-AR750 is at
I am not very good at networking so it may be something simple.

Can it be recognized as modem? Please refer to this instruction. Internet - GL.iNet Docs

Yes the jetpack connects as tethering eth2.

Did the Tethering interface(eth2) has got an IP address? Could you please take a screenshot of the INTERNET page?

It is at work at the moment. I will be back to work in 11 hours.
The little bit of network knowledge I have is probably making this hard.
Does the ip address of the jetpack need to be changed? Its network is on
And the Gl-ar750 is I don’t know anything about subnet. But isn’t those IP on different subnets?
I will get you a screen shot when I get to work. and aren’t conflict, so you don’t need change the IP address. Only need to change if there has IP conflict, such as both of modem and ar70s use the same subnet. Let’s say that both of them are

Ok at work now here is the screen shot.

I did a factory reset on both devices and they are working. Even though I did that multiple time yesterday.