Gl-AR750 + Voip Phone

Trying to setup a AR-750 to use in a hotel wifi (Marriot) and then plug in voip phone (Cisco 504G)
I setup AR750 in network mode, plugged in phone (I have inline POE injector for power) and it tries to connect but cant get IP address. So I tried a laptop and that worked no problem

I tried adding a switch (dlink) to the AR750 (just to see what happens)then connect the laptop and phone, but nothing worked then, no connection on both devices.

Can any one help me configure this, if possible? I just want to use mt Voip phone at hotel .

Marriott may block SIP ports used by VoIP. Adding a switch is unlikely to help.

Can you post System Log and Kernel Log before and after plugging in/out the phone, but leave off the switch and laptop.

EDIT: Did you gave to get past a captive portal page?

Do you have some update as to @wcs2228’s reply?

It is Cisco vs Cisco.

Marriot use Cisco network devices and try to block everything.

So I tried to follow WiFi Captive Portals Making It Difficult To Connect Your Travel Router? - in setting up the router after a reset.
I got as far as clone mac address after connection to Wifi and logging
I was able to provide wifi to my devices and the phone plugged in to the eth port too.
The only issue I had was if I turn on open VPN, the phone doesn’t work.
I am going to try this again next to confirm that it still works. Will update

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Sounds like you made a lot of progress!

If you are running OpenVPN, then try going over UDP if you using TCP, or try going over TCP if you using UDP.

You can also try VPN Policies, so the MAC address of your VoIP is exempted from going through VPN.

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Spoke to soon.
Arrived at different Marriot, Powered up the GL, it connected to the internet however the VOIP phone would not work. Cloned MAC again, still no progress, but now the VPN workes… Laptop connected and no problems.
Basically back where I started…