GL-AR750 Wifi needs VPN active. 1 Lan port needs VPN active. 1 lan needs to be bridged from my primary router

Newbie here

Is it possible to have the done on the GL-AR750
VPN active on wireless
VPN active on 1 of the LAN ports
VPN not active on the other LAN port. Want to use this port as a bridge for my primary router.

Is this difficult to set up? Any docs or leads on how to accomplish would be helpful.

Thank you

The OpenVPN can’t work on bridge mode.

So is it possible for the Wifi and 1 lan port to have vpn active and the other lan port to pass through the ip address from my primary router ?

I want to pass through the main router dhcp IP address 192.168.123.xx on 1 of the lan ports and keep the IP address 192.168.8.xx on the vpn on WiFi and the other lan port.

Thank you

The vpn-policy-routing package should allow you to do this. Instructions for installation can be found here

It was incompatible with the GL 2.7 versions of software and needed clean openwrt. I have only done a quick test on 3.X and it appeared to work.

I have previously useed this to have 2 separate SSIDs one for VPN and the other to bypass, you should be able to do the same with LAN ports.

It is complicated to do. In general, the router is bridge wireless interface with lan interface, so all port is the same. You have to configure vlan, otherwise, you only can accomplish it based on MAC address. Then using the ipk as heytrey said.

Thank you for the info. Will take a look at it