GL-AR750 will not power on anymore

I bought a GL-AR750 router last year (Aug. 2019) and use it from time to time.
Until last week, everything was OK. But now my router does not work anymore without any reason (no recent update, no schock, no power surge,…).
I plug it in its power supply, and nothing happens, all leds remain off and it doesn’t gete detect on my network interface.
I tried the unbrick process. Nothing happens either.
Anyone has an idea how to get my router working ?
How can I get my router repaired or exchanged ?


power Supply ok?

Try a second cable and power supply. If it still does not power up, there are multiple reports on Amazon of the micro-usb power port disconnecting from the circuit board, as the connector is only held on by the solder on the pads. Although it probably voided my warranty, I took apart my GL-AR750 and epoxied the micro-usb connector to the circuit board before it had a chance to break.

You can go to the platform where you bought the device and ask for help.

Thanks for your answers.
I cross checked with power supplies.
The power supply works fine with other products, and the router doesn’t start either with other power supplies. So I’m sure the defect comes from the router.
I bought my router from Microuter store on Amazon.
Since it’s very likely a design problem, I’ll check if I can use the warranty to get the product repaired.
Thanks all for your contributions.


Just talk to the seller or our customer service and get it replaced.