GL-AR750 Wiregaurd doen't connect

I have an docker container with a standard wireguard setup: Docker Hub

My phone’s connect with the wireguard without problem
My laptops (more then one) connect without a problem (windows 10).

But I can’t get the GL-AR750 to connect. It keeps Yellow, I have no internet but also no error.

Where to start looking?

This is the status I can see. No error but also no data transfer. Look’s like the data is not getting back.
Error somewhere?

Can you pm me a real config to try?

Dear Aizhao

I like you a lot, but this is a big this to ask. :smiley: I don’t hand out config files.
But I college of your has conformed that my server and config file is correct. The server side is oke.

But I keep having problems with the 750 slate side.

I have the connection working now (I think the orinigal problem had something to do that the ip range of the tunnel was the same as the hotspot). I see my public IP from my home and have internet.

But i can’t connect to any of mu devices in my home network (192.168.2.xx range).

If I disable the wireguard client on the 750 slate and use the windows client on my laptop to connect to my wireguard server I can connect with all devices in my home network.

I at a loss here.

If you wireguard is connected to your home (suppose it is 192.168.2.x range), you should be able to access 192.168.2.x range. Do you want to access using some local domain or IP address?

Pls check this post and check allowedips settings.