GL-AR750 with external antenna? And/or PoE?


I just found out about the new GL-AR750, looks great!

I see 3 ANT connections, can this be used as is with external antenna/s? How, any mods needed?


Does the “Mini PoE Module for GL-AR150” also fit this model? I am not sure the PoE module can supply 10W though, or can it?

What is the (read, sustained) speed of the uSD card (using a fast SD card)?


I am ready to get one or few :smiley:

In the current version, only 5G antenna has a uFL connector so you can connect an antenna to it. 2.4G use PCB antenna and cannot use external antenna. Of course you can modify the hardware but this is not suggested.

We may have external antenna version but no schedule yet. So no promise.

Yes the PoE module works for AR750. The PoE can output peak 12W in specs. AR150 doesn’t consume more than 3W when working normally. But it peak power consumption will be around 7 to 8 Watt.

According to the photo of your board,

it has two connections for the 2.4ghz.


There is 2 2.4G antenna. But it is not uFL so you cannot connect external antenna.

He is seeing the two connectors that look like u.FL near the 2.4ghz antennas on the board. You can explain what those are used for :smiley:

@deno, the two connectors are for radio calculations and cannot be used to connect external antennas. They are not uFL.

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hi @alzhao -
so this item ( Mini PoE Module– GL.iNet ) should just plug into the AR750?
does it snap in place or require soldering?

It fit in place and requires soldering.

Question!.. so I bought the GL AR750 it work great but as a repeater sometimes drops my signal so which type of antenna would you recomend?

AR750 should be internal antenna version and you cannot connect external antenna.

You need to drill a hole and install antenna (5G wifi only) by yourself?