gl-ar750s-3.009-1129.img is out

Both 2.4ghz and 5ghz are perfect. 300/450Mbps connection is normal. Using 2x2 AC8265 and AC9260 are perfect.
However, after the OpenVpn and WireGuard settings, the WAN port cannot be connected properly.
But after the Reset is reconfigured, both VPNs are perfect.

DNSSEC Resolver Test is OK

Could you please explain more about this? Do you mean it can’t detect WAN port?

Try it again and again. I thought it was a DNS and Interface edit problem at first.
Long press reset 7 seconds to return to the original state after two flashing modes
Re-setting all kinds of configs is so inexplicable as it has never happened.

And your problem is, exactly?