GL-AR750S - 5G Not Working

Slate router, latest formware.

Have to say I’ve never had to reset a router as many times as this one even before setting anything up but a simple connection.

2.4G works fine, like all connections it takes a rediculous amount of time to get a wan connection.

5G works fine when not using the Slate router (direct connect to isp provided hitron). But connect to 5G via the Slate, lan access only. 2.4G seems to always work.

This is immediately after a full reset. The only thing configured is the one wifi 5G connection.



Is your 5Ghz on the Slate set to Auto or a set channel? I’d be setting to a defined channel if it’s set to auto.

Otherwise if you think it’s something more underlying then personally I would use uboot to refash firmware as a first step.

Do you mean that you can connect to 5G but you cannot connect to the Internet?