GL-AR750S: 5G WiFi dying in 3.100-1126

I’ve upgraded my AR750S to version 3.100-1126 in a clean install. All looks well so far except the issue that the 5G WiFi stops working after around 30 minutes. The network disappears from air, the 5G WiFi LED on the router goes off, but it’s still shown as active and switched on in the GUI.

Any workaround here?

Hi netmax,
What did you do after the clean upgrade?

Nothing but installing and configuring minidlna and ShadowsocksR. And of course configuring the WiFi access (WPA2 passwords etc.).

The 5G WiFi works for a while, but then it shuts itself off (in the GUI the switch is still on).

I need to switch it off and on in the GUI or restart the router to have it activated for the next couple of minutes before it dies again.

2.4G WiFi is fortunately not suffering this issue.

I have installed same clean firmware and also minidlna, upnp, wifischeduler and samba and 5G is working ok, I also have 2 AR750 WDS-Clients attached to AR750S on 5G and no problems so far. Also 2G is working ok in WISP mode in AR750S with this last testing firmware.


That’s strange … how can I check for the reason? It was always fine with the previous firmware.

Hi netmax,
Does this happen often or only once?
It is best to provide some debugging information when it appears, such as system log.

It happened two times. On the next day it stayed on. I then left the router powered on and it’s stable the last two days.

I’ll watch this and report … will depart from my travel tomorrow and test again home.