GL-AR750S - Advanced Switch Customization

Has anyone figured out a way to customize the functionality of the external switch on the device beyond the options provided in the web interface?

Specifically, I would like to customize it, so the switch changes the device mode between router and access point, if possible.

Thanks in advance.

That will be very complicated scripting.

Are you aware that it is possible then?

I’m a software developer so quite accustomed to a bit of scripting.

Are there any official docs on how to get started with the scripting process?

There are some buttons in the web interface to switch the device mode between router and access point. I just want the switch to emulate that functionality.

Yes it is possible. Pls check this post for more info.

Except for making the switch to execute script, you have to know how to configure network, firewall and dns, when you change from Router to AP.