gl-AR750S and AR750 keep dropping wifi

I have both and I’m trying to get at least one working. Every time I think I’m ok, the wifi drops for about a minute or maybe more and then comes back. Incredibly frustrating.

I have autoscan off and all I’m trying to do is to use wireless WAN and wireless LAN…nothing fancy.

I’ve also loaded file sharing and made the changes to SMB 2.0 and that works through browsers. It does not work trying to access from an IPAD.

I’ve upgraded both to the latest release I can find: 3.215.

I’ve done searches and see this is a common problem…but have not found any solution.

How do I fix this…and quickly.

If not already doing so, you should use either:

  1. 2.4GHz wifi on WWAN and 5GHz wifi on WLAN, or
  2. 5GHz wifi on WWAN and 2.4GHz on WLAN

On my GL-AR750S, using the same wifi band on both WWAN and WLAN results in frequent disconnects with more traffic.

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