GL-AR750S connecting issues with OpenVPN Cloud

I am not highly experienced so I apologize if some of my questions come across as stupid.

I am trying to configure a GL-AR750S to work with OpenVPN Cloud using the instruction given on the following webpage:

I updated the firmware to 3.105 to get the advanced configuring options for OpenVPN. I was able to follow the steps and configure according to the link above in the ‘Luci’ interface. However when I go to start the OpenVPN Cloud instance, it does not start or connect.
Are their any extra setting required for the GL-AR750S? One of the requirements is openvpn-polarssl package, which is not present. Can that be an issue ?


I think you are making it complicated.

Here is what you should do:

  1. Download the ovpn profile.
  2. Upload to the router as OpenVPN Client - GL.iNet Docs

The purpose of the firmware is to simplify using openvpn. The link you posted goes back to the origin to do everything manually.

And 3.105 is unstable and will throw-up lots of other unrelated problems.
I though it had been withdrawn, anyway?

3.105 is redone and now available on the web.

Thanks a lot for you help. It seems to be working. I had tried with the older version firmware (3.104) and it was not working so I did not try it with the 3.105 firmware version. But it works. YAY !!!