GL-AR750S Disconnects Often

Hello. A few months ago I bought this travel router because I live in a building that used to be a hotel so they have a guest network system. I use the 5Ghz version of the source connection and broadcast in 2.4Ghz. For some reason, the repeater cannot connect at all to the 2.4Ghz version. Anyways, it gets disconnected like every half hour normally, but if I download something (like World of Warcraft through it disconnects every few minutes. Here is the link to the system logs. Thanks in advance for the help. I know there’s some other posts about this but they didn’t help me much.

I faced exactly the same problem. My GL_AR750S was connected to B1300 (main router) in repeater mode on 5Ghz and was broadcasting on 2.4Ghz with wiregaurd on. I mentioned it here

The router was disconnecting after every few minutes. I used PoE adapters and turned off repeater mode and the problem seems to have solved.

Thanks for your reply. I don’t have access to the main router so I don’t think I can use this solution though.