Wireguard not working on AR750s (vpn.ac)

It was perfectly working on AR750s with Wireguard from vpn.ac till yesterday. I was able to connect to US and UK servers. I wrote to support and they mentioned everything is fine on their end. Generated new keys and reset the router and updated wireguard setup with no luck.

It shows VPN is connected (sometimes) but with no browsing at all. I have latest test release on AR750s.

What did you do yesterday? Upgrading firmware or something?

Nothing at all. It stopped all of a sudden. No power cycle no Internet outage happened.

You can log in to the routing management interface and check the connection status of wireguard. The following display indicates that the connection is normal.

If the interface shows that the connection is normal and there is still no network, you can ssh to log in to the routing background (ssh login method reference link :SSH to the Router - GL.iNet Docs), and then use the wg command to check the real-time connection status of wireguard. You can use the following command to see if the network is normal:
ping www.google.com

If it is abnormal, please confirm whether the account has expired and provide me with the following log,
Use the wg instruction to provide me with the output
Use the route command to provide me with the output

Thank you for your response.

Google is reachable and ping is responding.

Here is the outcome of wg command.

From the information you provided, your wireguard connection to the server is normal. You need to check if your client device has manually set dns, and whether the router has set static DNS. The route is shown in the screenshot below.

Probably problem is with the repeater mode of AR750s with Wireguard turned on and connected with the main router.

Problem is not with the DNS as no custom DNS is defined.

AR750s stops and starts broadcasting SSID after every few minutes. I stopped the repeater mode in AR750s and connected it with PoE adapters to main router and so far problem seems to have been resolved.

Another user is also facing apparently the same problem.

Is your superior wifi a portal wifi? And what is the firmware version?
Latest test firmware

No it isnt portal WiFi. It is B1300 model. I have latest firmware version on AR750s, the one you have highlighted.

I am using AR750S version 3.100 firmware, repeater B1300, and then AR750S starts the wireguard client (using azirevpn service provider). I ping google tested 2909 packets and lost 135, but there was no connection disconnection. Is it because your repeater is unstable?

I have connected my AR750s directly via LAN, now WiFi connect and disconnect issue is no more but Wireguard is very unstable. My post highlighting the issue is here.

Thank you for your feedback, we will focus on this issue.