GL-AR750S-EXT back to stock firmware


I got my 750s a few days ago and flashed it with the 3.104 adguardhome version.
I’m stumbling from one error to the next and after three days of being busy searching the web for solutions, my patience has ended.
So I tried to flash the router back to 3.104 WITHOUT adguardhome but that doesn’t seem possible.
I tried also to reset all configs but it will remember some settings.
Also tried the button reset but the router will NOT reset to default.

I want a clean start without adguardhome with recent firmwareversion. ADH will be added later as router is performing as a router without errors.

How can I achieve a complete factory setting?

Grtzz tom

Login → More Settings → Revert Firmware

Does not work. Goes back to latest flashed firmware WITH adguard.

And even then it remembers settings done before.

Tried it already.

There is no such thing as factory reset completely, as you replace the operating system when you flash. If you do what exitguy wrote you, it will just clear the settings.

What you can do however is flash another version, like the previous version without Adguard for example. To do that you need to follow the debrick guide here:

And use the img files from here:


Thank you for your quick response.
I did another FW flash without adguardhome and disabled keep settings.
Now I have a 3.104 without adguardhome running.
Hopefully it will work better now.

Thanks again.

grtzz tom