GL-AR750S-EXT - does mangle work in WAP mode?

Hello. I’ve used a Slate travel router successfully tethered to a Visible phone. I used mangle to change TTL to (hopefully) mask the fact it’s tethered. Whether that works or not, I get between 10-60 Mbps on Speedtest.

Much of my use is in remote areas with minimal signal. To improve reception I replaced the phone (Motorola One) with a Netgear LM1200 4G LTE wireless modem. It works fine except it won’t connect in bridge mode, so I have to use router mode. It doesn’t have Wi-Fi capabilities so I changed the Slate router to a WAP. That works.

My question is, in router mode, does the mangle tweak apply? Or is the WAP now just a dumb connection to the LM1200 acting as a router?

If mangle doesn’t work and Visible throttles (or denies) my connection as a result, what penalty am I paying for using the Slate in router mode behind the LTE router? It’s not only double-NAT, it’s triple-NAT, since it runs on an IPv6-based wireless network.