GL-AR750S-Ext, ESXi Host and different network

Hello I have a GL-AR750S-Ext router and a 2 Nic VMware Esxi Server connected to the Router (one Nic to the Slate). The Slate has the default IP Address and my ESXi Server and the VMs running on the Server get their IP’s from the Slate

How can I visit a Company and connect my network to their network? Some of my machines will need to SEE the IP Address’s of Devices on their network, I will be working with. I’m sure a File Share and we use Client/Server software (I install the Client on my machine and it scans their network for the Server.

Currently, I can plug in a Network Cable of the Company I am visiting and all my machines will have Internet Access (Great!) but now I need to access Resources on their network.

I connect my Laptop to the Slate to access my VMs and that works.

I could give my VM’s a second nic to access their network but how do I ‘make that connection’?

Thanks you.

update: Do I give the vm’s a second nic and set the DNS Address of that nic to THEIR dns?

or is there something I can do inside of the Slate?

As your Esxi Server has two NIC.

One NIC is connected to AR750S and get IP address e.g.

Another NIC can connect to the company network, assuming they use subnet and your server get IP,

Then you can access your server at when you connect to the company network.

Is the above what you want?

Thanks alzhao,

my concern is that the Companies network ‘could’ be “anything”, as far as Address Scheme goes.

But, either way, does that mean I should plug their Ethernet cable into my server instead of my Slate? Remember when I plug it into the Slate, everything connected to the Slate has Internet Access (including my Laptop that’s used to access my Server)

While you should connect to your Slate. But if you want to access your server from the company network, you may need to set up port forward on Slate.