GL-AR750s-ext firmware verification fail


When I try to upgrade the firmware of a GL-AR750s-ext router, from version 3.101 to 3.203 I get an error that verification failed.

The router says the MD5 sum is “01cdd4dd9d1d528414bd04754e1df0fe”

Please can you help?


Which firmware file did you use?

I used the web admin’s online upgrade option and pressed Download

Please upgrade to 3. 105 amd then to 3.203.

Should fix your problem.

I tried two AR750s-ext routers both with 3.101. Tried local file upload of 3.105 and 3.203 downloads from GL.iNet download center but they are also failing verification. Online upgrade also still has the same error.

Not sure what to try next

You need to say which file you used.

There is .tar and .img file. You need to use .tar file.

Thank you sorry I used the .img file, the .tar file upgrade to 3.105 worked