GL-AR750S-Ext LAN IP address ranges?

It appears that the GL-AR750S-Ext only allows you to set your LAN IP to 192.168.x.x OR172.x(16-31).x.x OR 10.x.x.x

I need to configure my GL-AR750S-Ext to use specific IP addresses in this range: 100.100.x.x

Is there any way to do this?

Have you tried setting the LAN IP from Luci?

You can also do it from command line. If you login to the router via SSH, run the following:

sed -i "s/''/''/g" /etc/config/network

Reboot the router and it should be in the new range you want :slight_smile:

First of all, thank you for the method provided by Johnex,this is the easiest way to operate.
You can also set it through the Luci interface as follows:

Admin Panel -More Settings - LAN IP section
If I change the LAN IP of the Router, say to, would that also change the first 3 sections of the Start IP Address & End IP Address to 10.0.0 or would they stay as standard 192.168.1 ??

Would be easy if they change, but if they stay as per original 192.168.1 then I will go into Luci and change as per your advice.

Will be automatically modified to 10.0.0, please see the screenshot below, I am using software version 3.100

Fantastic, thanks for the quick response. Can do that during setup and will save having to go into Luci.
Have ordered one of these and it’s on it’s way, looking fwd to setting up and trying out.
Will check version before I setup, if not 3.100 will update to it.

If the problem is resolved, please send me feedback. I will mark the problem as resolved. Thank you.

Haven’t received unit yet, as soon as I do and if setup goes ok will advise.

Has been setup with changed IP LAN details, LAN connection works as expected, Tethering works so beautiful - all in all very impressed with such a small unit.

In regard to supplying power to the unit - as well as the powerpoint adapter can the unit be run from:

  • a single desktop PC USB port
  • a USB A/Micro B Y-cable which can be connected to 2 USB ports on a desktop PC, to increase the power output to the external device

Probably not but you might get away with it.

That’s how I run mine and never had a problem.

Thanks Happi, tried it with a single from desktop to unit and it did work, but only had 1 device on the network. With more it would probably do more processing so I’ll let it be for a while to see how it goes.
Can always go the Y-cable option if I find it needs some more “juice” the more devices are added.