GL-AR750S-Ext - Openwrt 19 - Installation GL gui

Hi all,
I have recently bought a GL-AR750S-Ext.
I would like to know if it exists a way to install the Gl gui on top openwrt 19, using the package repository from GL that shows in the GL gui.
So basically update the router to the last openwrt release and after install the GL packages for having available the GL gui.
Are the GL packages restricted to openwrt 18 or it will be possible installing them with opkg from the cli?
Thank you.

It’s not possible, the UI is dependent on the base system, you need to wait for an official firmware release.


i had the same concerns and here is a post about it.
but i have since realized my concerns were unfounded.

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Thank you for the answer.

I guess in the mean time it is possible to give a try of openwrt 19 and see how stable it is and later on change back to the original firmware or wait until new official firmware release.

I have the router integrated as part as a home network with two archer-c7 running openwrt too but 19th release, and the Slate integration was very easy, I have tried as a router, also as extender, vpn, tor, … I did not notice any shortage of connection or disruption and have excelent mobility as we even gave a test in other public network.

Thank you.

Yeah you can give it a try and come back to the gl firmware whenever you want :slight_smile:

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The Gl-Inet WebUI has many scripts that hook into UCI (OpenWRT’s configuration), and there is also the work that the GL-Inet team has done on their own - so it’s not a simple case of pulling some packages in and have it all work.

Anyways - I would suggest most folks stick with the GL-Inet firmware builds, mostly because if something is a problem, they can support it.


It is almost impossible. If it is easy we would have done that.

Our beta firmware even has problems. Basically it is testing, testing and testing.

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