GL-E750(Mudi):When will your new device get 19.07 firmware and WPA3 support?

Or is the next statement a hoax, mudi safety is a lie and I bought a useless device?

Mudi by GL.iNet, is the best portable 4G LTE privacy router for road warriors and business travelers who want to secure their data and protect them from cyber criminals.

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OpenWRT base doesn’t really matter - 18.06 is secure enough.

WPA3 - be careful what you ask for, many WiFi clients don’t support it very well.

Enough for what?

All my WiFi clients support WPA3. The main device is iPad Pro 2020, which is used to communicate with the bank.

Also, the router is used to create a VPN tunnel to a private network.

So will the router support the WPA3 protocol?!

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Security Fixes on Master are backported to 18.06, so that’s enough to keep things secure there.

With regards to WPA3 - there are performance issues around ath9k and features needed to support WPA3 - 802.11w is mandatory here, and so support that on ath9k, hw-crypto acceleration is disabled, so things can get compute bound, esp. if one is also running items like OpenVPN.

Keep in mind that the AR9531/AR9331 chips are old - they were introduced back to 2006

On your iPad Pro 2020 - comms to your bank, as long as the secure connection is SSL/TLS 1.2, you’re far more secure that any WPA3-Personal connection

All that being said - GL-E750 is fairly secure all told.

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Ok, tnx!

Did I understand correctly that your new advanced device is based on an immeasurably outdated, weak and cheap platform, the place of which is in the trash? And this product has no prospects?

Great spend €200…

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You are free to use the vanilla openwrt in the mean time with 19.xx, nothing is stopping you?

Exactly. As covered in other threads, there has been a huge delay to move to 19.xx because even vanilla openwrt had random crashes. GL can’t release unstable firmware knowingly. The firmware will be released when it is ready.

You should also listen to @sfx2000, he is an expert with Openwrt and is active on their forums too. As he already told you, WPA3 will not give you more security than HTTPS connecting to your bank. If you are at random hotspots, VPN + HTTPS is as secure as you need, you could have Open wifi and not be affected. You should know that WPA3 on openwrt has also not been perfectly stable, and as @sfx2000 told you as well, not all clients are behaving, most likely your apple products.

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Just to add also, there are some exploits that were just found that affect WPA3 (August 12–14, 2020), so don’t think it’s more secure than WPA2. You want end to end encryption, device to device, for the best security possible. Dragoblood was only the start of exploits of WPA3. The wifi alliance decided to develop WPA3 behind closed doors and without help of experts in the community, and are now understanding why that is a bad idea. There is always someone smarter out there.

You can read about the Timeless Timing Attacks on WPA3 here:

And the research paper and video about it:

yes always, there will be issue with any wireless technology and i am aware of that wpa3 issue.

but 19.x has been out for nine months and never had a issue with my home router.

but i agree, i prefer stable over buggy and i really like my usb-150

thanks much

I’m not a Gl-Inet Representative, nor do I represent views of Gl-Inet management

Exactly - Master is always, perhaps, interesting - but 19.07 does need some more work upstream - much of this goes to the change on the ath9k target to ath79 and device tree. Work is getting done there, and some GL-Inet targets have fallen off, and rejoined.

Production releases - Gl-Inet does need to ship stable/reliable code - and 18.06 is a good place to be for them to integrate their additions.