GL-AR750S-EXT running 3.216 - worth upgrading?

Currently is working well and has done so for years. Do Not have Auto Update set, so it has not been impacted like others have mentioned on here over the past couple of days.

Using as a stock standard router with nothing fancy, just a large number of devices with static IP addresses. From what I have read these get trashed during the update and have to be setup again from scratch. I have a list of the devices from Luci saved in an Excel spreadsheet just in case.

Can I stay on 3.216 or would it be wiser to “bite the bullet” and do the upgrade to 4. ??
What benefits does 4 offer over the current 3.216 ??

Past experiences has taught me to wait awhile before updating to the latest firmware on any GL iNet router. I am on travel and depend on my AR750S daily. My router is working great with 3.x firmware.

As 4.x is a major update that removes some features, and changes many others, I will let others try it out and report back to this forum before I update my router. If all the reports are good, maybe in 6 months I will be ready to try it out.

To echo @eric 's points, I’d make a backup before such a major version upgrade. You’ll probably have to ‘pick & choose’ when restoring specific confs as there are some syntaxial differences between v3 & v4.

Expect to spend some time tweaking.

Good advice, I’ll stay with what I have and that I know works. Your on the same wavelength as me, if it ain’t broke then don’t mess with it !!

It also isn’t ready for every device. I flashed it on Opal, I had to go rollback with haste.

Any further update re 4.x stable & available ?? - Checked the FW downloads section and it is still only showing 3.216.