GL-AR750S-Ext (slate) mesh capability

tp-link deco m4 mesh router is selling like hot cakes here in Malaysia

slate is almost similar hardware to deco m4, checking on deviwiki show that ac antenna mimo is 1x1:1 vs deco m4’s 2x2:2

do you think you can update the antenna to 2x2:2 and enable mesh function? Seem to complement a convexa b or s or the velica well

on another note, is the ap-1300lte also mesh capable ?

There are several mesh technologies.

The mesh used in B1300 B2200 and Deco uses Qualcomm proprietary mesh drivers.

AR750S does not support this mesh technology. But you can use open source mesh technologies eg batman-adv or 802.11s. You cannot mesh it with deco. Tplink has their own modified mesh version

So ar750s wont be able to mesh with another ar750s, or B1300 ? to compete with tp link

but i see the deco m4 is same hardware specs with ar750s

Anyway OK, you are the expert

Yes, you can mesh an AR750s with another AR750s however you will have to use something like Batman-adv or 802.11s in OpenWRT.

It could be done in theory. But mesh needs extra development which could be difficult.