GL-AR750S-Ext (Slate) Wishlist

Hello GL-Inet Team,

It would be nice, if we have a “GL-Scripts” Plugin. ( I think not only good for 750s)

  • A small plugin which is integrated in the WEB-UI


  1. read the content of a specified folder (where are user scripts located)
  2. run choosen scripts (drop down)
  3. small window with output of the script results

Is that possible?

Best Regards

Maybe you can describe in detail what you want to achieve?

If you have access to the router, isn’t it easy to get everything in ssh?

Hello alzhao,
For example when I’m out and about with the Slate and an iPad/IPhone.

When I then connect a public WLAN, I’m first on the web interface. Then I would like to start my DynDNS update script from there (for access to my home) and update the OpenVPN configs (certificates) from my VPN provider via script if necessary.

I also want to script that the DNS server of the WLAN-sta interface is changed (after portal login)

Somehow that would be nice if I could do everything via WebUi

I see. Now some users actually make their own UI and add their own API.

Unfortunately this needs some programming skills. Maybe not too easy but doable.

If you wait for us, we will redesign the firmware early next year to achieve more things. We will make custom API much easier.

Cool, sounds very interesting, I’m excited and I’m waiting for it.

Thank you very much.
best regards