GL-AR750S-Ext vs GL-AR300M

I know the question is generic but which one should I choose?

Is there any pros and cons of both (apart from cost)? 750 seems to be newer but not so stable as the 300…


AR750S used a better SoC from Qualcomm, dual band wifi.

AR300M is older. I have no data in stability. But we do put more effort to design AR750S in hardware. AR750s is also updated more actively in software than others.

thanks!!! I have it now and it is great!!!

My AR750 died after 6 months. Started knocking out other signals and even blue screening Windows 10 laptops in the vicinity of the router. I didn’t do an autopsy as to how it was doing it.

Get in touch with customer support via email and you can make a warranty claim on it. They will probably also want to know the issue and will arrange how to send it back to GL.

Wow you could probably sell that to some spy agency :face_with_monocle:

Might also consider the B1300/S1300 line…

Can’t say much about AR750S - but specs look good

AR300M is a nice device, but single band - the AR750S adds the 5GHz.

AR300M can run with most Cellphone Chargers and USB Powerbanks - power draw is pretty low.

AR300M is under active development with fellow forums members for the ATH79 branch on the upstream…

Me - not so much on AR300M, but deep into AR150 for 4G integration.

AR150/AR300M are pretty stable…