GL-AR750S-Ext wifi disconnecting

I’m using the GLAR750S in client mode. I use the 2.4 Ghz radio to connect to the office guest wifi and I connect my devices to the router via ethernet over a simple unmanaged switch.

The 5 Ghz and 2.4 Ghz SSIDs are disabled, no clients can connect to this router via wifi. The 2.4 Ghz radio is only used to connect to the office wifi network.

Signal where the router is fairly decent, however, I’m experiencing disconnections… for instance router will stay connected to the guesf wifi for 6-7 hours then it will disconnect and won’t connect back. I have to manually logon to the router and connect back to the guest wifi.

A disconnection every now and then is not a problem, but it not connecting back automatically is a problem as I’m not in this office all the time, and I have devices which I connect to remotely - not sure why this is happening.

Running latest version of firmware.

Can you just disable auto scan and reconnect for repeater?

In this way it will always try to reconnect.

Can’t find that option to disable auto scan and reconnect…

Download 3.022 GL.iNet download center and upgrade.

It is in repeater settings.

I’ve reconfigured as per image… will test for a week or so.

Its worse, disconnections have increased.

So after it disconnect it cannot connect back after you disable this option?

Can you pls post logs after disconnect?

The router could be getting too warm. Make sure the air vents are open, not covered up. Use a fan like the
AC Infinity MULTIFAN S5, Quiet Dual 80mm USB Fan from This dual fan will keep your router from getting too warm. By keeping the router’s vents open and the router cooler the router may not disconnect anymore.

I went back to firmware 3.009, and then commented out the following lines under local startup and gave the router a reboot:

/usr/bin/glautoupdater &
(sleep 15;/usr/bin/gl_health) &

After this, the router didn’t loose connections over 3 days - at least every time I tried accessing my devices I managed to do so.

Today it lost connectivity again, just came into the office, had to manually connect the wifi again.

Logs attached - it will be great if you can review them, maybe you can spot something.

This line seems worrying:

Tue Apr 30 12:52:13 2019 : [ 2448] gl-wifi-core>> Add (Music Box) to BlackList.

Music Box is the SSID I’m connecting to. (7.7 KB)