GL-AR750S iPhone XS usb tethering slow speeds

When using the usb tether feature on the GL-AR750S, I only reach speeds of around 35 Mbps while I am able to reach around 120 Mbps when directly tethering from my iPhone to my mac. Since I am using the 5Ghz band to connect to the AR750S, I suppose this might be a bug on the side of the AR750S.

It is not a bug. It is just speed limit of the USB tethering of the router. 35Mbps is not bad.

Thanks for your answer. Is this a hardware or software issue? 35Mbps is not terrible but it would have been nice to be able to reach speeds close to the 120Mbps I’m reaching when tethering directly to my mac. I also remember reaching speeds much higher than 35Mbps (around 80Mbps) on an android phone.

It is kind of mix of hardware and software.

The IO of router’s SoC cannot compete with that of Intel CPU. The software driver is also open source drivers and cannot compete with what Apple provide.

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