GL-AR750s is the best GL iNet Router EVER

I bought the Beryl AX but in the end I always end up using the “old slate”. It’s smaller, lighter, has 3 indicator LEDs, micro SD, consumes less power, supports EAP… Not so important, but the shipping packaging is much better too, besides the color of the router I like better. The whole build looks more premium.

Of course, the Beryl AX has USB-C and Wifi 6, but in the end it doesn’t make much difference when using it on trips where the hotel internet is not so fast.

I would really like a router with WIfi 6 and USB-c the size of the old slate, because portability makes a lot of difference. Just getting it off my chest.


They all support EAP if you know what conf to edit.

The Certa is smaller, lighter than the Slate. Why don’t you downgrade to that? /s

Yeh they are hard to come by too. I wanted one also, but ended up going for a PoE creta. There is no smaller and capable package, especially after extrooting it!

Yeah, IDK if I’d personally agree: I value the massive difference in WireGuard VPN performance over the Slate v the Slate AX… but my long term use case makes the Slate AX my primary router, regardless. “The right tool for the job” & all that. YMMV.

Have a good one.

The old slate is really awesome, it can even support adguard flawless