GL-AR750S - Luci not working

GL-AR750S with the latest firmware.
Luci does not start after entering the correct login credential.
Tried rebooting and also re-installing firmware.
OpenWrt 19.07.7 r11306-c4a6851c72

Anyone ?

I don’t know if it will be your case but I remember that, with 3.201, I had to manually install Luci from Glinet webUI and also Samba and DLNA (connected to the internet) because it does not come with the firmware … There was an Update button.

Hi David,
Indeed… on 3.201 I have used the update button to no avail.
Could not launch Luci on either this firmware version or the 3.105.

Do it in plugins first. (I don’t have your device, but two others). If that doesn’t work then maybe you have a problem. Remember that update and upgrade are two different things.

Go it…working now !